Monday, September 23, 2019

18+ VIDEO: Sharon Gh Twerking N*ked In A Video Goes Viral

I guess you remember the video that went rival last year where a lady known as Akosua Sika was be@ten up by a g@ng of girls after being set up by a fr@ud boy just because he wanted to prove to his girlfriend that he loved her and faithful to only her.

That heartless lady who was be@ting her fellow Lady with her g@ng is Sharon Gh.

In a recent video trending on social, the street f*ghter Sharon Gh is seen dancing and tw*rking in front of a mirror while n@ked.

Upon how she got herself into the mess, we are yet to find out.

Meanwhile social media users are jubilating over Sharon’s le@ked video, and it came as no surprise that people are stoked over her misfortune, due to her unruly actions over her fellow woman. Karma indeed they say is a mean boomerang.

Due to Tune Talk Media’s policy, and the respect we have for our readers, we can’t share the video here.

Watch : Sharon and friends be@ting Akosua Sika

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