You are not the only person who thinks there’s too much commotion and confusion on Instagram.

These fashion models and bikini models sometimes display everything on social media and they end up catching all the attention and engagements on their timeline and posts. If I may ask , are you all happy with these Instagram models ? Well we all have different answers to this question but one thing we should not forget is that, they are followed by millions.

Vivian Panamera started modelling at an early age, she’s now 29 years old and still causing confusion on Instagram. She’s a half Ghanaian and half American. She started elementary school in Ghana and further outside the country. Her natural beauty and soft skin encouraged her to enter the modeling industry and she wasn’t disappointed by her beauty. She has won many sponsorships and many awards in the industry as well as fans.

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Vivian Panamera was out of the industry for a while and now back to where she belongs, finding new followers with her beautiful pictures. It’s a free show and millions are enjoying these pictures I’m about to share with you all, enjoy and don’t forget to engage on this article ;

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