Friday, April 3, 2020

A Lockdown Will Only Work If The Government Will Provides Every Citizen A ‘Stimulus Package’ – Yemi Alade

Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has warned the Nigerian government that a quarantine will only work if the citizens are provided for.

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According to her, the government should provide a sort of stimulus package to citizens to help them take care of themselves if a lockdown is going to be effective.

In many countries around the world, governments have provided a package to citizens – either through cash, tax reductions or cancelling utilities to enable its people deal with the economic downturn brought by lockdowns.

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African countries who are considering similar lockdowns cannot seem to do it because the government has made no move to provide a package to the citizens and people will literally go hungry if they are forced to stay home without working and government provides no assistance.

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So Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has called on the Nigerian government to provide such a package to citizens before they will agree to stay home.

Check her post below…

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