Ghanaian female songstress Mzbel has lost her cool and has said that she will disclose why many people were tagging former President John Mahama as the “Papa No”.

It would be recalled that prior to the 2020 presidential election, Kumawood actress Tracey Boakye and songstress Mzbel clashed on social media over a man. This clash between these two resulted in revelations of secrets and the popular tag “Papa No”.

These rantings from Mzbel come after a social media user identified as Prissy Ekua Adiepena slammed Mzbel over a post she made on Facebook. The social media user attacked Mzbel for dragging John Mahama’s name in her beef with Tracy Boakye.

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“Madam clear off! Your no different from them, You knew Papano was not JM. You couldn’t protect the man you call a father by exposing the truth. You followed a beef and dragged Mahama’s name in it. You could not ignore if you can’t expose who Papa No is. N today you want to act like an angel?”, the critics wrote.

In a rebuttal, Mzbel said, “People like u are the reason why JM’s name is always being a drag in the mud! If u have balls dare me and I will break it down to u right here with evidence of who the “Papanpo” really is kwasiaba! GTFO.

“When I said several times that I don’t know who “Papanpo” is, I really meant that then…. DON’T PUSH ME! IF U REALLY GIVE A F*CK ABOUT JM THEN STFU COS I’M AN ANGRY WOMAN RIGHT NOW! ANGRIER THAN U!

“NB: I’m not an angel and not tryna be one cos I don’t even believe in that shit! I’m just tryna be a better person and if that is impossible because of people like u then fuck it! Let’s descend back into the mud!!!!”

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