Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kobina Boney popularly known as DKB has broken down after getting the opportunity to experience Rolls Royce.

The comedian sat inside his friends Rolls Royce for the first time and he expressed how poor he feels after sitting in it.

He indicated that the taste of wealth is something no one would want to lose after having a piece of it because it really makes one feel important in society.

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DKB emphasized that money is good and helps one to forget his or her problems noting that he feels different sitting inside the all expensive luxury whip.

In the video, he gushed over the interior of the car as he said, “See eh, money is good… Oh God, help us. See, this is Rolls Royce. Look, look, the environment, I feel different right now, even my accent is changing.

I don’t even know if I’m Ghanaian anymore. Like, I don’t even know if I’m suffering. Money helps you forget your problems. See, I can’t even remember all the foolish people who used to disturb me. Pray for money eh”

Watch The Video Below…

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