Social media advocate for change, Twene Jonas recently made a video criticizing the National Chief Imam for donating towards the building of the National Cathedral.

Earlier, the government launched fundraising dubbed “Ketewa Biaa nsua” to appeal to Ghanaians to donate at least GHS100 monthly to aid in the construction of the National Cathedral.

It was made public that the National Chief Imam, Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu donated GHS50,000 to the cause. After the heartwarming news spread across social media, a lot of Ghanaians hailed the Chief Imam for the selfless gesture, but Twene Jonas found a problem with it.

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In his latest video, the US-based Ghanaian activist descended heavily on the leader of the Muslim community in Ghana, indicating that the donation he made was needless, as a lot of Islamic communities lack development.

After Twene Jonas said this, Ghanaians took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

Watch the video below :

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