Saturday, September 26, 2020

“I Always Want To Get A Good S*x Before I Perform” – Iona

Ghanaian budding artist, Iona revealed that before a performance, s’x is an enhancement as a musician.

In an interview with Sammy Flex, the artist who looks like the late Ebony Reigns was asked what drives her to give outstanding performance, and her response was that she naturally psyches herself, but think that s’x is going to be a driving force for her to perform better as she has a little experience.

“I think s’x will be good. I mean it does a lot of good. it makes you relax and all that. Even makes your delivery be on point. So I think a very good thumping before a show”

When asked whether she’s tried having s’x before a show, she replied: “Not a for a show, it was for an interview and that day, I was so relaxed, the English was just flowing like that, it was so nice.”

“So I know for a fact that it works. No, I have not tried it for performance but I’ll definitely try it for a performance.”

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