Thursday, June 4, 2020

I’ll Surely Become A Lady Pastor Someday – Shugatiti

Most youngsters have the feeling and desire to do the work of their creator but at a certain age. To these people, surrounding everything to God at their youthful ages isn’t the best way.

Thus, youthful age is full of glitz and glamour, therefore, they’ve to celebrate life to the fullest as they wish and surrender everything to God perhaps in their 40s.

The above reality has been the thinking and philosophy of Shagatiti who happens to be one popular Ghanaian Instagram stripper.

According to Shagatiti, the time isn’t right for her now because she wants to explore the world and do her weird stuff before doing the will of God.

“God should give me some time to explore for now because I will become a Lady Pastor in the future”, Shugatiti made this known when she appeared on After Hours with Kwame Oboadie.

She claims all that she needs now is time to spoil there everyday or if you like enjoy herself to the fullest with worldly pleasures because she won’t get time to explore when she becomes a lady pastor.


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