Saturday, September 26, 2020

Iranian Model Receives Death Threats After Supporting Donald Trump

Iranian model Megan Pormer is the victim of violent death threats after she wore a custom made dress to the Grammy Awards she believed was a public message for peace between the U.S. and Iran.

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Instead, she says Iranians attacked her online, believing she was supporting a violent regime, and President Donald Trump.


Pormer made national headlines after her red carpet appearance at the Grammy Awards wearing a dress with the slogan, “No War.”

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The dress has also had a heart emblazoned across the front with one word “Iran.” At one point, on the carpet, Megan spread her arms and revealed wings made out of both the United States and Iranian flags stitched together.



At first, many praised Pormer for the positive message of peace. But Megan tells The Blast, her Twitter feed was then flooded with hateful and violent messages from Iranians who misinterpreted her dress as a show of support for the regime.

“For the first 12 hours after the Grammys, I was really happy that the American media embraced my message of peace and unity between America and Iran,” Pormer tells us.

Also, she has been supportive of Donald Trump’s stance on the situation and even praised the President for his comments during the State Of The Union address.

“I proudly support @realdonaldtrump’s message about Iran during his State Of the Union speech,” she posted on Instagram.

Megan continued, “I was so excited for the Iranian people to see the photos and realize that someone was representing them in a positive way at a major Hollywood event. But to my surprise, they started attacking me. Before I knew it, they accused me of being a member of ISIS or the Islamic Republic regime and there wasn’t a single curse word or bad word that they hadn’t said about me. But I really became terrified when I saw the all of messages threatening to harm me.”

Pormer says she is heartbroken that her fellow Iranians completely misunderstood her intentions, saying, “The only reason I wore that dress is to separate the people of Iran from the regime or the terrorists.”

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