A young Ghanaian has taken to Twitter to expose a lady he planned a date with only for her to bring up her 3 hungry friends.

The young man, identified on Twitter as @Accraaaa_, said he wanted to meet this lady he had been speaking with, so they set up a date. He revealed that his girlfriend came up for their first date with three of her friends, much to his astonishment.

According to the story, the young man arrived at the meeting location, which appeared to be a restaurant, to find the ladies already dining. Because one of the females was overeating, the young man decided to leave the restaurant.

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He requested to take money from an ATM in order to pay for the amount they had accumulated, but he left the ladies stranded.

After waiting more than ten minutes, the lady who the guy invited to the date contacted him and inquired as to what was holding him from showing up.

According to him, he informed her that he was on his way home and inquired as to why she had opted to attend the date with her friends.

He also stated that he would not be able to pay for the food that the ladies had consumed and asked the lady to find a way to pay for it themselves.

below are screenshots from his chats;

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