Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Miss Western Beauty Pageant 2020 1st Runner Up Strip Off Her Crown

Organizers of the just ended Miss Western, Exone Entertainment says they have strip the 1st runner up of the 2020 “Miss Western” pageant, Nana Ama Obeng (aka Miss Ada), of her crown following her recent behavior and misconduct which goes against their rules and regulations

The organizers express their disappointment in Ada and her management team towards the organzers and their behavior of crowning Ada as the real winner, according to Alltunezgh.com



The letter reads;



This is to officially inform you that, the management of Ex-one Entertainment has after silent observations of your recent actions and series of deliberations have decided to demote you of your position as the 1st runner up for this just ended beauty pageant “Miss Western” 2020 effective from 19th October 2020

Truth be told, you were one of a delight during the program. We all lived as family before the grand finale and as an organization, that is what we stand for, togetherness, respect and integrity. It is sad to say your new line of behavior and that your mother’s not forgetting your management after constant observation for the past weeks is not in line with the rules and regulations of the organization therefore, the organization has to strip you of our prestigious crown, which you have belittled.

Right after the grand finale, as all delegates were obliged to come back to the training house, you were driven out to an unknown place without the permission or concern of any of the leaders of the organization which is against the rules of Exone entertainment and as your ego served you such arrogance, one Manager confronted you yet you turn a deaf ear to it .

You came to the house the following day and showed disrespect at its highest level, yourself and your Manager. You packed your things out from the house without the management of Ex one vacating you.

You went to the extend to call our past queens and other people tarnishing our brand’s image to them as you made false allegations about our organization which where all reported back to us, thanks to truth and integrity.

Your manger went ahead telling the organizers that the ladies Ada competed with, are not worth it and they are all of low class.

Nevertheless you have blocked all your groomers, chaperone and the organizers of miss western . This alone tells us your services will no longer be needed , you have already rejected your crown and all your prizes have being rejected too.

You are under no obligation to use the position miss western 2020 1st runner up in any circumstance because you have been be disregard that bragging right . You should bare in mind that this letter will be Published to the pubic.

All these disrespectful act has lead to your demotion and we hope this finds you well. We wish you well in your future endeavors. Thank you

Management Mr Eric Agyeman


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