Tuesday, October 27, 2020

MOG Sampled My Beat For Sarkodie’s Gboza Song But Next Time Will Be Worse For Him – Vybrit Leo

Most sound engineers in Ghana are not known for their originality of production ,Still we can agree rivalry between most musicians generate from dramas like beat and song theft.

 Fast rising music star, Nii Armah known in showbiz as Vybrit Leo Who reportedly is the singer behind the hit single stamp you song which is originally produced by Sound Boy and claims with a prove that the beat of his song stamp you was sampled by MOG Beatz blindly to produce sarkodie Boza hit song.

And further added,Also some astute listeners were quick to help point out that MOG sampled the beat.

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Meanwhile some astute listeners were quick to point out that MOG sampled my beat.

Vybrit Leo has earlier in the year released bangers like You cant,move your body, currency year,Noko and stamp You.

According to Vybrit Leo the song and the lyrics has no any similarities but it has the same beat ,Meanwhile Stamp you song which is the original song was recorded and released in the year 2017 whiles Sarkodie Boza song was released in 2018 and it a clear sight calculation that MOG intentionally sampled the beat.

Vybrit Leo explains, we living in an industry which the law only favours the mainstream stars but always go against the upcoming music stars so he decided to let it go but will actually use it as reference to warn MOG and any other beat maker who will intend sampling my beat I will never let it go he says.

Below is the video of the two songs between Vybrit Leo song stamp you and Boza by Sarkodie.


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