Friday, July 10, 2020

P!rn Star Wanted By Police For Having S!x Without A Nose Mask

The police want a p!rn star in Colombia for filming a s!x scene on a public bus without wearing a nose mask. The adult movie star named in the report is known as Kaori Dominick.
Kaori Dominick

According to the sour, the p1rn video which was uploaded to pornhub went viral before it was later deleted, for having broken the Valle del Cauca regulations that require every passenger on-board a public transport must wear a face mask at all times.

In the pictures of Kaori shared online leading to s-x scene been filmed was seen wearing gloves and a facemask when she was approached by a man as she is buying a ticket for the bus.
The pair agree for her to use a “Lovense” vibrator which is controlled by an application on the man’s phone and he records her while she uses it on the bus.

Colombia Porn Star Kaori Dominick

At some point, while using the vibrator, the porn star Kaori removed her face mask, and this meant she broke the country’s health rules.

The p-rn star then reportedly gave the man her underwear as a memory as the video ends.
The video is said to have been widely popular before it was taken down and the authorities are now working to confirm the identity of the man and woman in the clip.

Oscar Ortiz, the President of Metrocali, the company in charge of buses in the city, said:

“The p-rn video on the bus will be sent to the authorities in order to identify the actors.”

The company added in a statement that the video showed a lack of respect for other bus users.
The police investigation is ongoing and no fines or sanctions have been reported.



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