Friday, July 10, 2020

Second World’s Richest Man Donates $98.5 million To Help Homeless Families

Jeff Bezos, the world’s second richest person, announced that he has donated $98.5 million to 32 organizations in 23 states to help homeless families.

The Bezos Day 1 Fund, launched in September 2018, provided a range of $1.25 million to $5 million for each organization. According to a CNBC report, this is the second round of annual leadership awards from the Bezos Day One Families Fund following the launch of the organization by the billionaire.

his year’s grantees include long-standing non-profits such as the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida, which received the largest grant of $5.25 million. While Bezos has posted on Instagram several times in 2018 about visiting Montessori-inspired schools, no official announcement has been made regarding creating a network of preschools.

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