The world is evolving, a lot of things are happening which are very hard to explain. The rate at which our youths are engaging in immoral acts nowadays is quite alarming, and this has become a big concern to the society.

Youths are believed to be the future of the world, but to achieve this, decency and good behavior must return to our society. Youth nowadays no longer have shame, they tend to do whatever they like in public, which isn’t good for our society.

Some people abuse the use of social media by posting contents they are supposed to keep on their phone for personal use. We have seen various instances where people upload naked pictures of their real self online, we need to be aware that what we do today may come back to hunt us tomorrow.

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A picture of a young man and a girl is making rounds on social media where the man was seen grabbing the lady in a hijab from behind. It’s not clear if she was pleased or not, but it’s clear that there is a total agreement between the two of them before he could grab her and take a picture of it.

It was claimed that the man himself shared the picture online, and this had led to people calling them names. Many people believe they are still very young to engage in this type of immoral act and that they should at least realise that this isn’t our culture in Africa.

Africa imitating Western culture isn’t favorable to some extent. It is believed that Africa is known for decent dressing, but the youth nowadays are buying into the ideal of the west, which might be very bad for our society.

Do you think we should continue imitating the Western culture? let’s hear your opinion

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