A young boy was beaten up mercilessly after being caught trying to rob a complete household

Children as we all know learn and pick up things very fast from what they see and hear in the society. Frequently talking about something in the presence of your child will compel him or her to give it a try to actually find out how what they hear entails.

Imagine a parent always gossiping about an individual in the presence of the child, that child is at a high chance of spilling out what he or she normally hears the parent say .

Which is why we have to always be careful with the things we do and say in their presence. A quick referral to the death of the primary pupil who died through hanging.

Information that was obtained indicated that, this young boy watched how the death of the SHS girl who was hanged happened and decided to experiment to see what it would yield but ended up shortening his life.

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When you have a child at home, you have to always be mindful of what you let them see with their eyes or hear with their ears.

Similarly, amid the rampant occurance of criminal activities, where the issue of robbery is encountered almost each day, there has been a sad incident that took place not long ago.

A very young boy has been caught after he jumped over the fenced wall of a house and managed to find his way into the building to steal from the occupants.

Unfortunately for him, he was caught and received the hottest beatings of his life. When asked how he got into the room, he showed them a part of the ceiling that was removed through which he made his entry.

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From the illustrations made, it is quite evidential this boy has monitored the place for sometime before trying to make a move.

Where are we heading towards as a nation if our children now uprising are joining the team of stealing people? Who knows, tomorrow he might come back with guns and knives to scare the household he attacks. The presence of the police must be involved in this case to deter other children from following same path.

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