Friday, September 25, 2020

VIDEO: Kofi Adomah Squeezes American Woman Jaye Love’s Huge Bortos To See If They Are Real

Interviewer Kofi Adomah had had the rare opportunity of touching and ‘drawing current’ from Jaye Love’s big bortos during a recent interview.

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Jaye Love is a beautiful American woman who is in Ghana for the famous Year of Return initiative. Her ‘unusually’ big backside has endeared her to Ghanaians and made her an internet sensation.

In fact she has become more popular than the Hollywood stars who have been in the country for the same purpose.

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Jaye Love talked about her love for Ghana and that fact she’s a friendly person who does not want people to be intimidated by her stature but want them to approach her when they feel like.

When the interview was almost over Kofi politely asked Jaye if he could touch the now famous backside to see if they are indeed real.

Watch the video:

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