Monday, July 13, 2020

Yaa Jackson Has No Future With Her Nudity – Kumawood Actor Claims

Ghanaians were taken by surprise to see Kumawood actress Yaa Jackson make a sharp switch to music.

Some have attributed her move into the Ghana music industry to the ailing and failing movie industry.

Many are of the view that she took up music only in order for her to survive as she was not earning anything anymore from acting.

The 17-years-old screen star has, however on several occasions announced her plans to take up music as full time amidst the bashing she received after she released her first commercial jam ‘Tear rubber’.

Some Ghanaians have expressed worry over the young musician’s actions and how she is carrying herself on social media in recent times.

Yaa Jackson has been tagged as an ‘attention seeker’ and will do anything for the eyeballs to be on her.

She has been accused of always showing her flesh in almost every photograph she takes and she shares them on social media which eventually causes a stir.

A Kumawood actor popularly called Sean Paul in a recent interview monitored by, decried the actions and antiques of Yaa Jackson as he thinks the latter is going wayward.

Sean Paul called out the father of Yaa Jackson, Jackson K. Bentum to straighten up the child because of the derailing path she has taken.

According to the hilarious actor, Yaa Jackson’s future will be in shambles should she continue going nude in her works although he loves her music.

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