Bewildering news coming in discusses how an understudy of the University of Ghana has been humiliated. One may be thinking about what at all caused such an excess of humiliating.

All things considered, as per sources, this understudy being referred to spent “the quality time” with a hookup woman and hazel wouldn’t pay her. This has pushed the woman to respond by attaching him in the open. The male understudy being referred to is an occupant of Akuafo Hall, one of the conventional corridors in the University of Ghana.

In the video circling via online media, this “hookup” woman can be seen holding the kid’s top while requesting to be paid her cash. We as a whole realize that these days in view of the affection for web-based media, individuals love to take recordings and pictures of occurrences happening and posting them on friendly.

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The woman who appears to be not to be worried about individuals around or the one taking the video continued requesting her cash. From the video, you can tell that it is absolutely impossible that she is letting off go the person’s top until she gets her cash. This is truly downright awful genuine. It should fill in as an obstruction simultaneously an admonition to certain men who act like this.



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